• logo Welcome, Fabulous Fourth Grade Families!

    I am very excited to have your students in my class, and I am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.

    This is my third year teaching 4th grade at View Ridge. I became a teacher after almost 19 years as a paralegal.  I love working with students, and deep down I’ve always known that the classroom is where I belong.  I’ve lived in the local area most of my life, and when I was a 4th grader I attended Picnic Point Elementary in the Mukilteo School District.  I can still vividly remember my 4th grade teacher even though it has been a few years (*cough* decades) since then. My goal is to build lasting memories with your students so that they will look back with fondness on their 4th grade experiences too! After my exciting career in 4th grade, I later went on to graduate from Mariner High School, Edmonds Community College, Central Washington University, and most recently Western Washington University in 2018. 

    I have one son, Sam, who is 27. Sam has Down Syndrome. He is really looking forward to the end of the pandemic so he can get back to his Special Olympics sports, his two restaurant jobs, and his ballroom dancing lessons. Fortunately, he can keep up with his keyboard lessons via Zoom!  Sam is a tremendous help with cutting, sorting, and preparing many of our classroom materials. Students will hear me talk about him quite often. 

    Fourth grade will be an exciting year where we expand our knowledge on a variety of subjects.  We will work on developing many reading and writing skills and strategies through the use of our National Geographic ‘Reach for Reading’ program. There will be a wide range of math activities from the San Francisco United School District online math curriculum. Our science units, Changes of State, Land and Water, and our engineering unit entitled: “A Stick in the Mud”, will offer valuable opportunities for students to better understand the world in which we live.  This is also the year when we will learn about Washington state history.  

    During this time of online learning, we will be using Canvas to manage our learning content.  Students should navigate to Canvas each day to receive their online assignments and links to our daily Zoom meetings.  We will begin each day with a morning meeting on Zoom at 9:15, and the links can be found on our Canvas page.  Here is a link to Student Tools on our VRE website. This is where students are able to access the link to Canvas, among many other wonderful resources.

    Families, I believe that we are all a team working together so that each student has an amazing year! If you ever have any questions about what we are learning, or ways you can help your student at home, feel free to ask. I am here to help! 

    I will continue to update this website with links to our weekly newsletters and any other resources that families may find helpful! 

    Warmest regards,

    Laura Sulik


    p.s.  Remember to log into Canvas for assignments and links. It's where the action is!