•         Replace the book with a new or used copy of the same book (if you had a paperback book, replace with paperback.  If you had a hardback book, replace with a hardback book).  I recommend this option since it is usually easier for everybody!  If you order from a website, email me and let me know.  I will clear the book off of your child's account even before I actually receive the book.  I know you're good for it!  Here are some helpful tips:

    • Call a used bookstore like Half Price Books and see if they have a used copy.
    • Go to smile.amazon.com (with smile.amazon, you can register View Ridge PTA so they can benefit from purchases you make) 



          Pay the fine (email me if you would like this option so I can create the fine.  Once created, you can go to the district website and MAKE A PAYMENT for the cost of the book.  If the book is found, a refund will be issued, which you should receive anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks.  Please remember...if you find the lost book and turn it in before 90 days of paying the fine, you will be issued the refund.  If it is after 90 days, just keep the book...no refund will be given.