• Weekly Challenge

    Each Monday there will be a challenge posted for you to work on over the course of the week.  It may take you a few hours or several days to come up with a creation for the challenge.  When you are finished, email me a picture of your creation and I upload it under the "Weekly Challenge" heading (click on the plus and you will see each challenge with a slideshow).  Check back each week to see your friends' creations and the next challenge!

    May 18 to 29: Free Choice!

    Example: Here are three Lego creations from Ezekiel and Isaiah.  What will YOU build? (You don't have to use Legos!)



    May 11 to 15: Build/Make Your Name

    Example: Ezekiel used Legos to build his name and I used Zoobs!  You could also do a creative art project with paper, paint, crayon, or any other medium!



    May 4 to 8: Build/Make a Board Game

    Example: I made a game called Rock Pile.  If you want to know more about my game, visit our FlipGrid page!

    Rock Pile


    April 27 to May 1: Build a Maze

    Example:  Ezekiel built a maze using magnet tiles.  What will you use?



    April 20 to 24: Build a Rocket

    Example: As you can see,  this challenge is open to interpretation!  Ezekiel built a space shuttle and Isaiah built a "rocket."


    April 13 to 17: Build a Building

    Example: Police Station (It's hard to see, but there are desks and people working inside.  There are even bad guys in jail!)


    March 30 to April 3: Build a Robot

    Example: "Flakes" Robot & "Gear" Robot


    March 23 to 27: Build a Mode of Transportation

    Example: Tinker Toy Race Cars

    Tinker Toys

    March 16 to 20: Build an Animal

    Example:  Angry T-Rex (Do you see his sharp teeth and angry eyes?)    

    Angry T-Rex