Welcome to Nikko Linn's Class

  •  Staff photo Nikko Linn              Welcome Silver Firs Families!  Week of March 30th 

    Thank you for being patient as we work through the best ways to support all of your educational efforts at home. Next we launch more supportive guides, lessons and focus for your childrens continued education. Please check out our Google Classroom and check your email for invitations! I look forward to more connections and interactions with our 4th grade classroom community!  Mrs. Linn



     Welcome to Mrs. Linn's Connected Learning for Spring 2020!             

    This is where families can see which student applications your child will be using to stay linked in. Lessons, links and student communications will all be through Google Classroom. There are other great learning sites to help you and your child find educational and fun things to do:  Mrs. Billheimer created an amazing webpage for PE, or check out free audio books at stories.audible.com, or check out some fun science demonstrations at Sciencebuddies.org or sciencebob.com.  Just a few places to go for info. click the link on the right side of this page! 

    To find our own classroom...

    Follow these directions to find our Google Classroom "Learning with Linn". 

    1. Students log into Silver Firs Webpage  https://www.everettsd.org/silverfirs

    2. Click or hover over the word "Student" on the top toolbar

    3. Click on Student Tools      All  of the student tools will show up as square pictures to click on!

    4. Scroll down to Google  and click the box

    5. Click the Classroom picture on the left to get into our classroom 

    6. Students may need to enter their student number@apps.everettsd.org                                                                              

             Our class webpage is called Learning with Linn 


    Please also check out the links on the right side of the screen for other helpful information!


     Mrs. Nikko Linn    nlinn@everettsd.org     

    425-385-6500      Coho Eggs in a Cup   Coho Eyed-Eggs to Silver Firs Silver Salmon Fry swimming