• Full Back Pack It's hard to believe that this is my fifteenth year of teaching at Silver Firs Elementary! The wonderful people in this community make it a wonderful place to work. When I'm not in my classroom, I love being with my family, reading, running, bicycling, watching movies and gardening. I also love science, animals and doing art. I grew up in Washington, and lived in the area with my husband and three children for over 30 years.

    Mr. Linn does accounting (lots of numbers), and my younger brother is a real physicist (scientist).
    I have three grown children: Chelsea is married and works as a job coach. She has a horse and 3 dogs including 2 Great Danes!  
    Sammie is studying to be an occupational therapist in Bend Oregon. Sean is working and going to Lake Washington Technical School in engineering.  We love to ski/snowboard together in the winter and hike and ride bikes in the summer. We also like to go hiking and camping. We also like to do athletic things together like triathlons, bike rides or stair climbs to help others and it keeps us in shape!  It's also fun to compete a bit with each other.

    We have had many different pets, but right now we have a yellow Lab named Thomas and 2 cats named Charlie Chaplin & Tia. We have had Rats, Mice, A Snake, a Horse, Frogs and Parrots too! Can you tell I LOVE animals? I thought I'd be a vet if I didn't become a singer when I was young, but I am very happy that all my paths led to teaching! My favorite sports to watch are football, baseball, basketball and anything else my children are doing! My favorite TV shows (when I watch) are the discovery or history channels, SciFi, Animal Planet, and Elementary, (Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob are fun too!). What do you like to watch?  

    My Background: I am a true Husky as I went to the University of Washington for eleven years! I have an AA degree in Singing/Music, a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences a Teacher Certificate, a Master's Degree, a Professional Teacher Certification and National Board Certification all in Elementary Education. All this schooling means that I understand that school can be hard sometimes but it's all worth it! You never know what you might be doing when you grow up!  I'm anxious to find out what your favorite subjects are and what you might like to be when you grow up!

    Before I became a teacher I owned a day care, ran a computer training school for adults, and I've been a secretary, a waitress and a cashier. I even worked at Jack in the Box and had a paper route way back when! What kinds of jobs do you do at home?

    I think the best learning advice was given by the famous scientist Albert Einstein when he said, "The most important thing is to never stop questioning." I look forward to meeting you and hearing your questions!

    Mrs. Nikko Linn