• Michelle Coburn      Dear First Grade Families,

    The Whittier staff and Everett School District are committed to our students and families during this time of learning at home. My goal is to assist families in providing content via online tools, and by offering hard copies of materials.

    On the last day on campus, students took home books to keep and a folder with several week's work. This provided work for at least this first phase of transition during school closure. During the last two weeks, Whittier First Grade teachers have worked together to learn and begin to utilize varied online platforms to assist students and parents. Your family may opt to continue with the work packet sent home, or assignments posted online. A blending of both the work packet and online assignments is an option as well. Each family is making decisions that meet their own needs during this first phase of school closure.

    Our key platform for daily learning and connecting opportunities has been Google Classroom. If possible, check-in daily and assist your child in posting either public or private comments or completed assignments. My teacher web page is a second valuable platform for teaching-at-home resources. It will be updated regularly, so if possible, check-in weekly. Lastly, Zoom has begun to assist our ability to connect visually. I have only begun to utilize this platform with students (Wednesday Class Connection, every Wednesday at 10:00 AM). Soon, I will be using this platform for some student instruction as well as parent/guardian interactions. (Please note: Timeline/due dates for assignments is a suggested schedule.)

    Beginning March 30, First Grade teachers will be providing a weekly learning plan. You will be able to find that on my Whittier teacher webpage and in Google Classroom. I will also email the plan to parents/guardians. Expect changes as we move forward. Information is rolling out from the state government and district every few days. Teachers are learning new technology as well. These factors influence change over the course of this unique journey.

    I will be checking my email and Google Classroom every school day, Monday-Friday, and will do my best to respond quickly to your communications.

    In addition to my teacher web page, you will find Ms. Heininger's (librarian), Ms. Ford's (reading specialist), Ms. Strecher's, and Ms. Ballard's (math coaches), and Ms. McKinnon's (counselor) helpful resources. 

    Google Classroom
    Class Code: w2ugz6f
    Student Access: YourStudentNumber@apps.everettsd.org (ex: 33311@apps.everettsd.org)

    Thank you for your patience, and support as we navigate the next few weeks together.

    Working together,

    Michelle Coburn, M.Ed., NBCT