• Linn Lines April 27th

    Dear 4th Grade Families,

    I hope you are well. I know it is not always easy to know what your child has accomplished on the computer (as it is with us as well!). 

    This link will explain how you can check Google Classroom for assignments turned in by  your child.    

         Google Classwork Checking

    Here is what's happening for the rest of the week:

    Math: Students should finish their Decimal practice then take the Post quiz.  Students all had some misconceptions about place value of numbers after the decimal point. Zoom meetings showed that many made wonderful discoveries and took the next steps toward really understanding decimals better! 

    Moving into Measurement later this week! 

    Reading: Conintuing to read stories from different Cultures, and practicing good comprehension. 

    Language: Students will work to understand Idioms, sayings that have meanings understood by a specific group, time period, cultural or tradition. Things such as "It's raining cats and dogs!" This does not mean that cats and dogs are falling from the sky, it's an old saying that means the rain is very, very heavy!

    Science: Students who complete the Melting Experiments, and review the "meanings of melting" will move on to Evaporation!

    Social Studies: Students will continue their study of history by working on mapping and historic projects in Technology Class and reading stories with me! 

    Art: May Day art projects will be posted for Friday's day of spring flowers! Boy are they blooming now too! 

    Zooms: This week there will be a class check in meeting on Friday at 2:00.  (Small group math lessons will happen again next week) 

    Please look for a short parent/family survey in email asking for your feedback!  

    I thank you for all that you do and hope that you have a productive and healthy week! Please let me know if you have comments or questions at nlinn@everettsd.org


    Mrs. Linn




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  • Linn Lines March 23

    Linn Lines  March 23rd, 2020

    Dear 4th Grade Families,
    I hope my email finds you and yours healthy and busy at home.  I would like to encourage your child to log into our Google Classroom this week. I have started posting assignments for students to join. None are graded, and the Due dates posted are simply to have the assignments show up on student chat lines quickly.  My weekly guidelines are just that, guidelines. I hope they will help you keep your child actively learn with somewhat of a schedule.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments. 
    Math: 30 minutes working through some of the math pages. Some students have been comparing answers in google! This is a wonderful practice where students comapre their answers and if they are different, they work to see if they can figure out why! Is there an error? Is there more than one answer? 
    45 minutes of i-ready math each week is also a great place for students to review. 
    I will be emailing you with your child's Topic 12 (fraction) post test results soon as well. 
    *Your child can also find videos, and their math books online! Just go to the school website, to the student tools, then click on the box that says Pearson.  This may be helpful for you to help your child understand any math in the packet, or review math we have already done. 
    *Remember that Yahtzee, dominoes, monopoly and rummy all use math skills!  Does your child remember Memory Multiplication? or Slap Facts? These were games we learned in class that they can play with others or alone with just a deck of cards and a tool to check their multiplication answers.
    Reading: Students should continue to read each day for 20-40 minutes. They can certainly split this time into smaller chunks. They can read audiobooks, library books, or "The Lemonade War" book I sent home.  Make sure they make notes about their business learning while reading! (I have created a google slide document in google classroom to help).  
    *Reach Reading books are online by going to Student Tools, Then clicking on Reading, My NGConnect! 
    45 minutes of i-ready reading a week will also be helpful to support specific reading skills. These lessons are longer so allow more time per session to help them complete the activities after reading the texts. 
    Writing: I hope students are texting, emailing and even writing to relatives during these long days. Creating short stories on their own is also great practice.  Do they remember the Oreo strategy for sharing their opinion?   I have also created a student journal so they can keep track of this time in history from their point of view! 
    Salmon: Our little salmon enjoyed a quiet week, swimming against the tank current and building strength, while eating voraciously!  After daily feedings and water tests, I realized I needed clean water. I made a few more trips to Sultan for clean water.  I thought we could hold out but water quality and building shut downs made it impossible to keep them longer.  The 4th grade teachers met at Osprey Park in Sultan Washington to set them free. It was bitter sweet as they were strong, healthy, and it was a lovely sunny day, but it was way too quiet without the amazing 4th graders who cared for them so well. Please check our Google Classroom to view a short googleslides presentation of that day.  As I learn how to post personal videos, I will share some of the many videos I took of our fish in the quiet week and on their special day.  They were seen schooling and nibbling water bug feet when we said our final goodbyes so I am hopeful for a strong batch of Coho!  
    *Have your child view the slide show then look through their salmon packets to write about the final day.  
    Don't forget to have them play outside, play games, do puzzles, and art and crafts and music! Family times are so important. Can you plant a garden? Learn an instrument? Check out Mr. Finkles webpage for new music to try...or Mrs. Billheimers webpage for great PE ideas!  
    More to come each day! Log in, check it out and say Hello! 
    Stay safe, use your imaginations and I will talk again soon. 
    Mrs. Linn
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