• Lesson Plans: March 16-20

    Posted by Emily Hamner on 3/19/2020
    I already sent info about what to do today, so please refer to my e-mail from Friday
    Math-- Complete Pearson Lesson 7-1 (Pearson Easy Bridge)
    Reading-- Finish reading a nonfiction book and pass an AR test. Then find the Fantasy Book Club sheet in the reading part of the packet I sent home. Students should begin the fantasy book club work by marking quadrants in their book and then write about the blurb. Then they can begin reading.
    Writing-- Find the Mystery Short Story packet in the Writing section of the large packet I sent home. Students should read carefully and then complete both sides of the Brainstorm and Pre-Write page (the first page in the packet)
    Social Studies--Have students look in the social studies section of the packet I sent home and find the New England Colony packet. In our Google Classroom I have posted a powerpoint that will walk them through this work. There is are three videos embedded in the powerpoint. To access them, just click on the image on the powerpoint page. One is a teaching video and the other two are song parodies. Students will have two days for this New England work.
    Math-- Pearson Lesson 7-2 (on Pearson Easy Bridge), Khan Academy Lesson (on google classroom)
    Reading--Continue working on the fantasy book club book. Students should be reading about 1/2 of a quadrant per day. There are instructions at the bottom of the handout that remind them what to keep track of as they read.
    Writing--Read through the pages of the short story writing packet "5 Great Beginnings," "Story Rising Action & Climax," and "Story Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution". Then work on completing the large 12x18 Plot Chart. There is an example of this in a second writing packet called "The Case of the Charley Cheetah Theft" This second packet has an example story that is of similar length to the ones I hope the kids will write. We went over it in class and marked it up to see the events/dialogue/story elements that are included.
    Social Studies--Finish the New England Colony Packet
    Math--Complete Pearson Lesson 7-3 (Pearson Easy Bridge)
    Reading--Continue Reading the first quadrant of your fantasy chapter book.
    Writing--Continue working on your Plot Chart. If finished, read and review the Dialogue Chart that I sent along for the Charley Cheetah story and begin working on your own 12x18 dialogue chart.
    Social Studies--Find the "Middle Colonies" packet in the large envelope that I sent home. On Google Classroom, go through the powerpoint for Middle Colonies and work to complete your packet.
    Math--Pearson Lesson 7-4 (Pearson Easy Bridge) and Khan Academy Lesson (Google Classroom)
    Reading-- Finish your first quadrant and start reading your second quadrant. Make sure you have reviewed the information on the example Travel Brochure so that you can start keeping a list of people, places, and info that you would like to include.
    Writing-- By the end of today, your Plot Chart AND Dialogue Chart should be completed so that you can begin your rough draft next week.
    Social Studies-- Finish the Middle Colonies packet using the assigned powerpoint.
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