Accelerated Reader

  • What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

    Many years ago a mother in the Midwest wanted to find a program that would help motivate and challenge her two children to read more on their own. It wasn't that they were not good readers. They were reluctant to pick up a library book and read. She put her literary skills together with some computer help from her husband, and created a program where the children read books they liked and then tested their comprehension on a computer. Accelerated Reader (AR) was born!

    The AR program reaches across the country to students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. It is a computerized testing system which helps students increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of reading level and the percentage of questions answered correctly. Thanks to our wonderful district, View Ridge students have access to AR Enterprise. This means that all students have access to over 100,000 AR tests. One hundred to two hundred new tests are added weekly to this web based program.

    AR Incentives

    We know that the incentive for reading in the AR program should be simply the joy of knowing that you read a good book and passed a test, but this is sometimes not enough for some readers. This is where the point system comes into the program. Each book in the AR program is given a certain amount of point value based on its reading level, interest level, length, etc. The program keeps track of how many points the student has earned that particular school year. The points range from .5 points for some of the beginning levels to 42 points for some of the classics. In many classes, students are setting individual goals involving points and/or amount of reading time. For some, just the enjoyment of taking a test on the computer is enough motivation. However, the greatest results we see, and hopefully you do too, is our students' love of reading, knowledge that they have achieved success, and improved reading skills.

    Thank you for your support and for encouraging your child to be a reader! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email either your child's teacher or myself. Reading is a key to success.


    Kari Eggink
    View Ridge Elementary

    Check out the website below for additional information and research on the Accelerated Reader program.