• Stay active North PE students! 


    Check your student email weekly for updates from your teachers.  Makes Ups are below.

    Your email is:  1st Inital Last name@stu.everettsd.org       

         (Example for North Star: NStar@stu.everettsd.org)


    Linked below are Weekly Workouts from your PE teachers and monthly health and fitness calendars. Each day challenge yourself to complete the provided wellness activity.  Other PE resources are listed below the calendars.

    Have fun, be healthy and keep moving North Stars!  


    Weekly Workouts and Monthly Fitness Calendars 

    Last Workout:

    North PE June 8- June 12th, 2020

    This will be your last week of work outs.  Everyone needs to contact their teacher this week and give them their fitness test results.  If you are getting a D of an F you need to email us how many PE make-ups you have done.  Grading stops the 12th of June.

    Daily workout: Repeat if once is to easy.

    25 -50 jumping jacks

    5-15 push ups

    Right/Left over left/right stretch 30 seconds

    25- 50 toe hops

    Right/Left leg pull stretch 30 seconds

    5- 15 push ups

    25 – 50 straddle hops

    Hurdlers stretch 30 seconds each leg

    5 – 25 push ups

    25-50 stride hops

    Right/Left arm pull 30 seconds

    25- 50 sit ups

    Pushups:  nonstop

    Sit ups 1 minute

    Burpees 1.5 minutes.

    Email how the workout went Monday-Wednesday. Friday Test yourself on the following: Email the results.


    Past workouts:                                                                           

    May 11-15 Workout 1 and 2

    May 18-22 Workouts 1 and 2 

    May 27,28 Workout 1 and 2

    June 1-5 Health and PE Workout

    Email your PE teacher your First/Last Name, Period, and how long it took to complete the 4 rounds by Friday, June 5th!

    Keep checking your student email every few days and on-line grades for Physical Education. We miss you!

    19 Days left of school workout:

    4 rounds for time

    19 second plank (back straight, rest your weight on forearms, stomach tight)

    19 air squats (sit in a chair depth)

    19 sit-ups

    19 jumping jacks

    Acts of kindness for the week: Please make it a goal this week (Monday-Friday) to make your bed/clean your room each day and help your mom or dad make dinner at least 3 nights! I believe in you and know you can achieve these goals.


    PE MAKE UP FORM- Activity Log

    PE Flip Grid!- Stop in and say HI!

     NMS Lip Dub 2019-20


    Articles, Resources, and Information for PE

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, SWEAT!North Alum Alex O'brien hosting social distancing PE!  Check it out!

    12 Tips to relieve Covid 19 Stress

    Healthy Eating Guide: Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

    Shape Washington- Online Resources  

    Focused Fitness

    P. E. with Joe- 30 minute YouTube workouts.  Look for other workouts by Joe to keep it interesting

    P.E at Home Activities:  YouTube video with resources and ideas for home work outs!