• Developmental Classroom Guidance Curriculum 


    Guidance Curriculum used at each grade level: 

    • Kindergarten – Kelso's Choice & Child Protection Unit 

    • 1st grade - Kelso's Choice & Child Protection Unit  

    • 2nd grade - Kelso's Choice & Child Protection Unit 

    • 3rd grade - Bullying Prevention Unit

    • 4th grade - Bullying Prevention Unit

    • 5th grade - Bullying Prevention Unit


    Description of each Curriculum 

    • Second Step is a prevention program that teaches critical social and emotional skills to all children and reduces aggressive and disruptive behaviors. It creates a general culture for skill building that fosters cognitive growth in addition to social and emotional development. Children gain language and communication skills while learning to identify feelings, solve problems, and get along with others. 

    • Bullying Prevention Unit is a Second Step bullying prevention unit shown to decrease bullying and to establish a safe, caring, and respectful school climate. Students learn and practice friendship making skills, how to recognize bullying, bullying-refusal skills, how to reach out to someone being bullied, and how to report bullying. 

    • Child Protection Unit is a Second Step child protection unit that teaches children to be prepared to recognize, refuse, and report unsafe situations.


    Request to Opt-Out of the Child Protection Unit