• Hello everyone,

    First, I want to say that I hope that you are all safe and healthy during this unique time on earth. While it is something that none of us have experienced before, we will all work together and make it through. I also want to make sure you are all aware that even though we are not currently meeting at school, I will be using technology to providing engagement opportunities for all my students during the time out of school. I will be using Google Classroom as the main resource in which opportunities will be provided for students.

    During the last week of school that students met, and more specifically the last 2 days, we took the time to make sure everyone in attendance was able to access Google Classroom through their Google account, and we also made sure they were able to access their school email through the Outlook application. If you student was not in attendance during these two days, do know that I sent them an invite to join the Google Classroom which can be found in their school email. I have also provided a link below that will allow the students to access Google Classroom. If you student has their school-issued computer with them, they can access their school email through the Outlook application on their computer. If your student does not have their school-issued computer and you would like to come and get that, we can set up a time and day in which this will take place.

    Each student has a Google Classroom invite for EVERY class they would typically have me for during a normal school day. This means that if a student has me for 3 classes during a normal school day, they will have 3 different Google Classroom invites; if a student has me for 2 classes, they will have 2 Google Classroom invites from me, and so on... Make sure your student accepts each invite so they have access to ALL the engagement opportunities that are provided for each Google Classroom on each day of the week. Each Google Classroom will be updated at least once a day, and those updates will take place no earlier than 10:00am. I want to make sure that everyone knows that each engagement provided will not have a due date and is intended to provide an opportunity for students to continue to work on skills that are essential for them to maintain. Additionally, some engagement opportunities will be shared to the whole class, some will be shared to individual students, some will provide opportunities for work/discussion to take place between classmates as well as myself, and still some will provide the ability for students to share work back to only me.

    Lastly, if ever you have a question about something, student or parent/guardian, please feel free to email me. I will be working remotely between the hours of 7:00am - 2:30pm Monday - Friday and will be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Again, during this time please be safe, stay healthy, practice good hygiene habits, and embrace the opportunities we have.


    Thanks for your time! :)

    Mr. Joseph Rue
    School Phone: 425-385-7061

    Email: jrue@everettsd.org

    Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h