Stephen K

    Closure Updates


    Updated 03/26/20

    Good afternoon students and parents/guardians. I want to thank everyone for being patient as we are working through things. Please note I will be reaching out to all of you over the next several days to check in with you individually by phone and/or email to see how things are going and see here I can help. Please know I am here and look forward talking with all of you! Thank you and take care!


    UPDATE! Due to the mandated school closures related to the COVID-19, students will have the opportunity to interact and engage with online learning to maintain and improve their math skills.  I will be providing my students and their parents/guardians with a variety of online learning opportunities including videos, worksheets, links to math related activities and more. Announcements will be posted on my teacher website on weekly basis.

    In addition to my teacher website I will use email to communicate with families and students or we can meet "virtually" through the Zoom website. It's important to keep students engaged, encouraged and informed Zoom is a great tool to make this happen. I will send out Zoom invites to students in the coming days.

    Parents/guardians please ensure that your students are checking my teacher website and their student emails throughtout the week to stay updated on materials and resources for learning opportunities in our class. Also please see the above links on the top of my teacher page for enhanced learning materials for the upcoming weeks. These links will help engage your students and some are websites your students has used in the past to help enhance their learning in and outside the classroom. I strongly encourage you to explore these links and encourage your student to share with what they are learning through these links. This will help them stay engaged and allow you to be part of the learning experience! 

    During the closure, the best way to contact me is through email at sknoefler@everettsd.org. Thank you for your patience as we learn to utilize these resources to support student engagement throughout the school closure. Let's keep the learning going!

     Updated: 03/19/20

    If you have any questions please email me. I look forward to a very productive school year!!!

    Stephen Knoefler