• logo Welcome back to in-person learning! 

    I'm so excited to have you in my class this year and am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development.  

    I'll be your instructor for Sports Medicine 1/2/3, Health Science Careers/Medical Terminology, and Physics in the Universe.

    In Sports Medicine, we'll be exploring careers within the Allied Health Team and how they coordinate to help patients with the care and prevention of injuries.  

    For Health Science Careers/Medical Terminology we'll explore many of the Allied Health Careers and learn the vocabulary that we use in medicine everyday. 

    In Physics in the Universe, we cover how the physical universe interacts with each other, with units on Forces, Electricity, Magnetism, and Outer Space.

    We'll mostly use Canvas as our instructional platform with Remind as an announcement and messaging resource.  Feel free to email me anytime, my email is dshook@everettsd.org

    Be safe, see you soon! 

    Douglas Shook