• 2022-23 Cascade ASB Officers
    ASB Officers:
    President: Alex Lopez
    Vice President: Tim Shim
    Secretary: Meileigh Welch
    Treasurer: Trivin Pham
    Public Relations: Isabella Hsu
    ASB Involvement: Adam Dungan
    2023 Senior Class Officers:
    Jessica Finicle
    Jocelyn Marquez
    Abby North
    Skye Steinert
    2024 Junior Class Officers:
    Evnit Kaur
    Jahmarion Morey
    Malia Murphy
    Katrina Nguyen
    2025 Sophomore Class Officers:
    Haddy Baldeh
    Allison Dao
    Sally Sylla
    Lily West
    2026 Freshman Class Officers:
    To be elected this fall!