Welcome to the new school year!  This year Cascade students are fortunate to be part of our one-to-one rollout, where each student will be issued a district-provided tablet for their use at school and at home.  We will all be learning how to best use this in the classroom and shift our thinking to making our new, digital platform part of our daily routine.  I am working to shift my daily calendars, class assignments, assessments, and course syllabi to my Canvas platform.  I will keep a few materials here on this website, but most will be available there.  Please check in Canvas, or ask your child, to show you how to see this amazing tool.
    If you need to reach me, the fastest way is by email (linked below).  My ability to call you back on the phone is limited to when I don't have students in the room, usually before and after school and during my 4th period prep period.
    Let's make it a great year!
    425-385-6181 (desk phone)
    Cascade High School