Welcome to Ms. Tanner's Class

  • Welcome to Jackson High School  Sciences. 

    Ms. tanner

    This year my students will be focusing on research leading to mastery of AP biology and careers in biotechnology as well as skills for AP Research.

    Dear Timberwolf Family,

     It is amazing how fast situations can change.  As we move into this unknown time apart from each other, the AP biology, AP research, and biotechnology teachers are putting together work so that you can continue your learning. 


    AP Biology: You will find ALL assignments as well as CollegeBoard updates in CANVAS. These include:

    1. Mastering biology: Readings, quizzes, study area, and practice tests
    2. AP Classroom: Practice AP Exams, and practice quizzes
    3. Weekly Canvas discussions about posted videos, articles, or data

    AP Research: You will find your assignments to help finish your paper and Collegeboard updates in CANVAS. These include:

       1.Class OneNote: will still be used to peer edit and store your drafts

       2. Zoom meetings: will be used to collaborate and ask questions about your papers.

    Biotechnology:  You will find all your discussions, current events, and ways to improve your grade in CANVAS

    Please continue to check Canvas for instructions on suggested assignments. This will be our point of distributing information and work that can be completed during this time period. I have prepared work in Canvas for this current week and working to develop future units to post starting next week. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please feel free to email or contact me  via email or Canvas messaging. Also, please be safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones.


    Please feel free to contact me at any time through email or classroom phone.
    425 385-7186

    Carole Tanner
    AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Capstone Research
    National Board Certified Teacher-biological sciences 
    Murdock Fellow at Fred Hutchinson cancer Research Center
    AP Research surveys 2020
    Serial killer survey  Connor Zimmerman
    Mental illness   Ryan Park
    Rap Music Survey  Anahad Sidhu
    Cell phone video survey  Olivia Stewart
    Student expectations survey    Amber Beauvais
    Nuclear power survey  Daniel Teoh
    Women in rap music videos  Senna Rolleman
    Global warming Ashlyn Pistole
    Public vs Private School Everett HS Student 
    Fiction Survey  Will Wartell Everett HS Student
    Graphs and data analysis Guns Jackson High School
    Sitcom humor  Andre Ruiz 
    Immigrants in upper level courses  Jazmin Chaves Everett HS Student