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    Updated 03/25/20

    I wanted to continue the great learning and work we have been doing in our class. Here are some very interesting websites that you can learn from and explore:

    TED provides a collection of TED Talks by Brilliant Kids and Teens

    • During each of these TED Talks, have students think about or talk about the following:
      • What are the strategies that these kids and teens used to overcome?  Problem solve?  Innovate? 
      • How can you connect the experiences and contributions of these young people to your own life?
      • If you could make an impact or be a champion for a cause, what would it be?


    ParenTeen Connect offers research-based, expert advice on real-life issues through a partnership with renowned parenting expert Dr. Laura Kastner. At ParenTeenConnect.org, you’ll find the tools you need to make adolescence less of a struggle and a lot more fun.


    Parents/guardians, please ensure that your students are checking my teacher website and their student emails throughout the week to stay updated on materials and resources for learning opportunities in our class. Also please see the above links on the top of my teacher page for enhanced learning materials for the upcoming weeks. These links will help engage your students and some are websites your students have used in the past to help enhance their learning in and outside the classroom. I strongly encourage you to explore these links and encourage your student to share with what they are learning through these links. This will help them stay engaged and allow you to be part of the learning experience!