• Welcome to Achieve Geometry A/B

    Updated: 03/29/2020

    Each of you will be given a link to Khan Academy to log in. Khan Academy is something we have used as part of the class this year and it will also help with your continued momentum in our class during this brief break. I have also included a link to Prodigy Game. It’s a great website that includes gaming and math together.

    This is a great time to review concepts we have gone over during the school year and strengthen your knowledge. I will also send log in information to you and your parents and guardians with your log information. If you have any questions please email me at: sknoefler@everttsd.org and we will also be having a Zoom meeting during the week so I can answer questions and stay in touch with each of you. I will send Zoom invitations to you to join me for discussions and questions.

    Please also use YouTube by typing in the math concept you may be struggling with. We have also used YouTube as well during our class instruction. Stay health and well everyone! See you all very soon!

    Here are the links: