•                       Cascade High School – Algebra 2 Trigonometry Program 2019-2020

    TEACHER:  Mrs. Novilla                                                                                                                   ROOM 307       

     ( 425) 385 6115           Bnovilla@everettsd.org                  


    Class Learning goals include but are not limited to:

    Review of basic algebra, modeling and equation solving,

     Functions (Linear, Power, Radical, Polynomial, Rational, Exponential, Quadratic, Logarithmic)

    Sequences, Probability and Statistics


         Attendance is VITAL to the learning process, not only for each individual student, but also for the class as a whole. Due to the interactive process of this math program, it will be critical for students to be present each and every day.

         Students need to be prepared to participate each day.  Practice assignments are to be completed before the following class. Students need to have all necessary materials and supplies with them each day.

        Your grade will be based on how well you’ve demonstrated your proficiency of the learning goals.

    Grades will be determined as follows:

         Assessments: 90%                                 Academic Practice: 10%

    Academic Practice is a necessary component in the learning process. Due to the formative nature of the work, assignment will be graded on completion and work shown. It will be used as the basis for discussion and review the following day.

    A      4.0       93-100%                  C+      2.7     77-79%                       F     59 and below

    A-     3.7       90-92 %                   C        2.0     74-76%

    B+    3.3       87-89%                    C-       1.7     70-73%

    B      3.0       84-86%                    D+      1.3     67-69%

    B-     2.7       80-83%                    D        1.0     60-66%


    Progress Reports

    Official Progress Reports will be sent out mid-quarter. A progress report will be sent home after each unit has been completed. Grades will also be posted/updated online approximately once a week.


    Make Up Work

    For absences, the Cascade High School policy will be enforced. 

    Students will need to get their work which will be posted either before a planned absence or upon their return.  All work should be completed by the unit exam.

    Assessment Retakes

    For students who earn less than 70% on a test, you may retake the unit test only if you have done all the assignments before you retake the unit test.


    Required Supplies:

    • spiral bound notebook
    • Three ring binder
    • Pencils, ruler, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils
    • Graphing calculator (TI-83 or TI 84) is REQUIRED for this course