• Information for Parents of Room A2 First Graders

    Classroom Routines:  Students line up under the covered area before the 9:10 bell.  When the bell rings, students walk independently into the classroom.  I will be standing at our classroom door to greet them.  
    Part of our morning routine is to open up our backpacks and take out our Homework Folders to turn in to the homework bin. Students are responsible for bringing their Homework Folders to school each day.  I check these folders daily for notes, lunch money, and homework assignments.  Please establish a regular routine at home for checking your child's folder daily so that you don't miss important papers.  Thank you!!  




    Absences:  If your child is going to be absent from school, please be sure to notify the office before school begins so that we know your child is safe at home. (425-385-6500).  It works best to email the Silver Firs attendance line when you know your child is going to be absent.  SFEAttendance@everettsd.org 
    If it is a pre-arranged absence, I always appreciate getting a note or quick email in addition to you contacting the office so I can plan accordingly and send things home if needed. 

    Kids of the World



    Transportation:   Please let me know if your child will be going home in a different/special way.  You can call the office (425-385-6500) or send in a note with your child. This includes going home with friends, daycare, to a new babysitter, etc.  It is best not to email a change in plans as I may not receive it in time during the school day. Thank you for your understanding!



    Classroom Rules I believe that every child can learn and be successful.  I use a positive behavior management system in my classroom and focus on whole class success, team work, and individual success.  We follow the PRIDE rules at Silver Firs Elementary.  (P for Polite;  R for Respectful;  I for Independent Manager;  D for Do My Best;  E for Everyone Working Cooperatively).  

    Parent Volunteers If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, chaperoning on a  field trip, or having lunch with your child at school, please make sure you have a current volunteer approved through the Everett School District.  If you are unsure if you have already done this or have questions, the office staff would be happy to help you at 425-385-6500.
    All volunteers are required to sign in at the office when they arrive and must wear a volunteer/visitor badge when they are in the building.  While volunteering at school or on a school-sponsored trip, siblings or other non-students are not permitted to accompany the volunteer. 

    There are just three steps to becoming an approved volunteer:  
    1.  Fill out the online application at https://www.everettsd.org/domain/1452
    2.  You will be notified through email when your volunteer form is approved.  
    3.  Contact Ms. Newman to find out what the volunteer opportunities are for our classroom.  
    **Please note that it can take a couple of weeks to have all the paperwork processed, so the earlier you submit your online paperwork the better!

    There are many opportunities for volunteering your help - both inside and outside the classroom.  Your helping hands make a BIG difference and are so appreciated!!  




    Personal Items:  With the exception of school supplies, it is very helpful if lunch boxes, backpacks, and coats are clearly marked with your child's name.  The school has a Lost and Found located outside the gymnasium/cafeteria if your child misplaces a personal belonging.  Please make sure all toys are kept at home, unless we are having a special Show and Tell at school. 

    Lunches:  1st graders go to recess at 11:10 and then transition to the cafeteria for lunch at 11:30.  You are welcome to join your child for lunch. Please sign in at the office first and make sure your volunteer paperwork has been approved. Thank you!
    The student hot-lunch menu is sent home at the beginning of each month.  The price of student lunches is $2.75.   Milk purchased separately is $0.55. 
    There are several ways to pay for hot lunches at school.  You may have your child pay for their meals on a daily basis with cash or check.  If you decide to send your student with lunch money, please put it in a sealed envelope or Ziplock bag with their first and last name labeled on it.  You may also prepay in the cafeteria for up to 20 lunches with cash or check. 
    To help prevent lost money and to make our morning routines quicker, I strongly encourage families to pay for lunches in advance by setting up an online bill pay account with your credit union or bank OR to use the Districts Mealpay Plus program.  For more information regarding online bill account and the Mealpay Plus options, please check the District Website at http://www.everettsd.org/Page/4827.
    Please note:  If your child comes home with a red $ stamp on their hand, it means that their lunch count is empty or is about to be empty. 

    Lunch Box

    Snacks:    We will not be having a formal classroom snack during the school day, however students are welcome to keep a snack in their backpack or to finish something from their lunch during our afternoon story time.   



    Book Orders:  I will be sending home book orders once a month. If you would like to order books for your child, please make note of the return due date attached to the catalogs.  Please pay only by personal checks, as I am unable to accept cash as payment for orders. Thank you!  If you would prefer to order your child's books on-line, I will send home a letter with every book order which will explain the process.  

    Bears Reading

    Birthdays: We love to celebrate birthdays in Room A2!   At least a week in advance, I will send home a note detailing  how we will celebrate your child's birthday.   Please note that we will celebrate our summer birthdays during the school year as "half-birthdays".   

    Please note:
    Silver Firs has adopted a new policy which does not allow birthday treats to be sent to school.  
    Our Silver Firs policy does not allow us to distribute birthday invitations at school unless every child in our classroom is invited. Thank you for helping us to avoid hurt feelings!!