• Science News

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    This is your LAST week of discussions and so I wanted it to be your choice about what you want to talk about in the science world. Go to the link provided (copy and paste it into a new window) and find an article that interests you. If you roll over topics at the top it gives you categories to search in. Read the article and then answer the following questions about it.   https://www.sciencenews.org/

    1. What is the title of your article?

    2. Give a brief summary of what it is about.

    3. Why did you choose this article AND what what have you learned?

    4. How does this relate to what you have learned this year?


    And for the last time....your first post is due Wednesday night and your comments by Sunday night. :)

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  • Year in Review

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    We are just a few weeks away from the end of your 1st year in high school and this is the 2nd to last discussion! We still have work to do finishing our end of the year project but think about everything we/you have accomplished this year in science....

    This week I want you to reflect on the entire year of Coordinated Science. Think about what stood out most whether it was a lesson, an idea or something even bigger. Then answer all of the following questions...

    What will you always remember, what would you like to forget and what advice would you give incoming freshman to my class?

    Remember to post your answers by Wednesday night and your 2 comments by Sunday night.

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