• Electromagnetism

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    This week we start to look at how we generate electricity using generators and how motors work in reverse of a generator. But we need to understand electromagnetism first. It's not the same as electromagnetic waves although it is related.

    Your job this week is to find out what connection there is between electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves. You will need to do research first and then answer the following:

    1. How are they related?

    2. How are they different?

    3. What would you have to give up if there were no electromagnetism?

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  • Are You Ready?

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    Welcome back! Our spring break is over and I don't know about you but I didn't feel like it was spring at all.

    This week we are going to go back to our climate studies to read a recent article about heat increases in cities. We will tie this in to our energy unit later but for now read the article linked below and then answer the questions that follow.

    City Heat


    1. Most of the temps in the article are given in Celsius. What is a hot temperature in Celsius and how can you convert from farenheit?

    2. How might this affect the area we live in? Think about how people and animals would adjust and survive.

    3. What are some things that cities might do to help the problem?

    Get your answers in by Wednesday and your 2 comments by Sunday for full credit.

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