• Astronomy Survey

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    I want to survey you this week about your interest in my other class, Astronomy and Aerospace Engineering. This course offers 2 University of Washington credit courses worth 10 credits in Astronomy as well as an engineering component where students build and test different models in 3 different challenges and a design idea conceptual challenge. You have to be a junior or senior to take the course.

    We've covered a variety of astronomical topics this past semester and will cover a couple more next semester so my questions this week is simple and should be easy to answer. Based on the basic things you have learned so far and your interest level in the type of course I described above...

    If you have the chance to take the full year Astronomy course either in your junior or senior year, would you? Why or why not?

    Remember to get in your answer by Wednesday of this week and your 2 comments by Sunday. :)

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  • Life out there

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    This week we learn how life helped shape the Earth we live on today. This brings up an interesting questions that many scientists are trying to answer. How likely is it that life exists on other worlds? and  What kind of life is most likely to exist? Or are we completely alone in our infinite universe?

    Think about the questions above, do a little research into what astronomers and astrobiologists think and then give your opinion based on what you found.

    1st post due by Wednesday and comments by Sunday.

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