Welcome to Mrs. Spencer's Class Grade 3

  • Mrs. Spencer

    Welcome Families and Students,


    During the current school closure, the 3rd-grade team will post learning engagement materials to support student and family access. Click on student tools or Google Classroom under Quick Links.


    If you have questions, please email me sspencer@everettsd.org



      •          June 1 - 5  Learning Engagement Plan - Assignments and more directions are in Google Classroom - SS







      Find  and circle your Small-Group Check-in Time in Google Classroom  [Zoom meetings not required to count as engagement IF you are turning in work or sending pictures of your work,  and/or asking questions as needed.]

      ~ 20-30 minutes per day 

      Reading June 1

      Watch Mrs. Smoot and Mrs. Wilson’s video

      Reading June 2

      Go through the Checklist

      Reading June 3

      Look at Guidelines and Tips, then begin Diagnostic

      Reading June 4

      Begin i-
      Ready Reading Diagnostic

        Reading June 5

      Continue i-
      Ready Reading Diagnostic

      ~ 30 minutes per day


      Write your habits and behaviors and habitat and survival paragraphs.

      ~ 30 minutes per day

      Math Data: Reading Bar Graphs

      Math Answering Multiple-Step Problems With a Bar Graph

      Math Answering Two-Step Problems, Challenge Questions

      Math Drawing Conclusions

      Math Make a Bar Graph With Mrs. S. During Community Circle at 10:00 


      Lunch & Physical Activity - Take Care of Your Family and Yourself





      Tech. Lab.



      Watch video and slide

      Match items that are magnetic

      Rules of magnetism

      The biggest magnet!

      Art or Social Justice Work

      i-Ready Diagnostic

       Independent Reading and i-Ready

      Video & Checklist

      Guidelines & Tips

      Begin i-Ready Diagnostic

      Continue with i-Ready Diagnostic

      Continue with i-Ready Diagnostic

      Reading: A.R. Daily Reading (Goal: 100 minutes each week) Take A.R. Tests (Listen to our Read Aloud)

      Resources: SFE library online or Sno-Isle Libraries online digital e-books

      EPIC! Digital library https://www.getepic.com/sign-in


      Learning Support - Student contact/help or IEP participation (time TBD)

      Please make this schedule work for your family as needed. Times are suggestions based on district and OSPI recommendations for 3rd-graders. Take care of yourselves and let me know if you need something different. -  Mrs. S.

      Stronger Together With PRIDE