Computer and Books

Reserve a Space in the Library

  • Please email Librarian, Amalia Pimenta or Kati Johnson, Library Assistant to reserve a space in the Library.


    Library Alcove Computer Lab

    • 32 computers
    • Projector and/or Elmo available for use
    • Scanner available for use


    Library Alcove Computers  


    Right Side of Library

    • 12 Tables
    • 102 Chairs
    • Projector Screen Available
    • Projector/computer/speakers available 

    Right Side of Library Table Map


      Left Side of Library (Silent Study Area)

    • Six Tables
    • 36 Chairs
    • Projector Screen Available
    • Projector/Computer/Speakers Available

    Silent Study Area

    Silent Study Area Computers

    • 7 Computers Available

     Silent Study Area Computers