• Was There a Civilization...

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    Wow did I have my mind blown with this article you will be reading for this weeks discussion!! We know that the scale of time in the universe is mind blowingly vast and we know Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years(can we even grasp that amount of time?).

    In our search for other civilizations in space maybe we need to rethink what we are looking for. I won't give anymore away. Please read the article linked below and let the information sink into your brain before sharing out your thoughts by answering:

    What are the implications to humans in this line of thinking, how might this affect our search for extraterrestrial life and how does that fit into or affect the Drake Equation?

    Was There a Civilization....

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  • Cosmic Holes

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    You will be watching a video titled Cosmic Holes wednesday of this week that discusses black holes, wormholes and whiteholes. You can do a little research or wait until Wednesday to answer the following questions for your assignment this week.

    Which do you think is more plausible, the wormhole or the whitehole and why?

    How do you think these 2 theoretical phenomenon might connect to a black hole?

    What are the implications to the future of space travel and colonization of both?

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