• Our Sun

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    We are learning about stars now and we start with our closest neighbor, the Sun. The Sun is a ball of energy that can give life and take it away at the same time. This week do some research to discover both the good and bad of our Sun in terms of Earth and the other planets and moons in our solar system. Then discuss the following questions:

    What would our solar system and Earth be like if we had a larger star? What would it be like if we had a smaller star? Which would you prefer and why?

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  • Civilians to Orbit the Moon?!?

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    SpaceX Moon Mission

    Follow the above link to read about Space X and their newest endeavor. It involves sending 2 civilians around the moon and back. After reading the article answer the following questions.

    What do you think about the whole idea?

    Would you do this if you had the money?Why or why not?

    What do you think the consequences will be if it fails or if it is successful?

    As always, answer by Wednesday and comment on 2 posts by Sunday.

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