• Searching for Life

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    In our discussion this week we will debate whether we, as a society, should spend money on searching for extraterrestrial life. Research NASA's current spending on missions related to the search for life and then look at government spending overall for NASA. Think about our total budget as a nation and then take a position on one of the following 2 statements:

    1. We should not waste money searching for life on other worlds; we have enough problems here to solve.

    2. We need to increase the amount of money we spend on searching for habitable worlds because we will need to leave this planet in the future.

    Be sure to back up your opinion post with facts from your research. When commenting pick one post that was for the same as you and one against your position. Keep your dialogue professional and civil!

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  • Life - Where is it?

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    This week we examine life and what defines it. It seems easy but really isn't. So that brings us to ask the question: Does life exist elswhere in the universe or is our planet unique? With the vastness of space and the multitude of planets we are learning exist it seems that the answer can only be, YES, of course other life exists. So then an even more perplexing question arises.....why have we not discovered, or been discovered, by extraterrestrial life? 

    So that is your question this week. Do some research on what scientists think could be the answer to that question and then weigh in with your ideas for why. Let the debate begin.....

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