• Watch these two videos:

    "Bruno Tardy Troubles",

    "CHS Faculty Moment of PRIDE"

    Read below from the Staff Newsletter:

    November kick starts our monthly PBIS Tier 1 school wide lessons with a focus on PROFESSIONALISM, specifically attendance and tardies.  

    In this week's Bruin Broadcast, the students will see episode 1 of a year-long video series on Bruno's Bad Behaviors. This week's video is called "Bruno Tardy Troubles", essentially taking Bruno through a series of nightmare clips of not getting to class on time and the problems each pose for him.  

    Please remember to show this week's (and every week's) Bruno Broadcast. 

    In addition, you saw in last week's Newsletter a new series called "CHS Faculty Moment of PRIDE". The Culture & Climate team is moving to a video based series to promote PBIS classroom strategies any teacher could use that coincide with the monthly focus. We provided you with two strategies in that video, and look to provide more tips and tricks for promoting "in class, on time, all day every day." 

    There is also a challenge for you. 

    Each building is in a competition with each other. The Be Bruin tickets are going to be tracked for the remainder of the month. The building that has the highest percentage of Be Bruno tickets handed out to students will receive a prize. Those teachers in that building will be eligible for a raffle to win a free drink of choice of the Den.  

    The Be Bruin tickets though have to be for PROFESSIONALSIM specifically. So teachers and staff will need to circle the P in PRIDE below the staff signature line to show us that the student received the ticket for showing professionalism behaviors. Connecting the two strategies we showed you in the CHS Faculty Moment of PRIDE and this competition, go hand-in-hand. 

    What you need to do: 

    ·       Give Be Bruin tickets to students who you see demonstrating PROFESSIONALISM, ideally through Attendance improvement/rewards. 

    ·       Try one of the two PBIS strategies we gave you and see if your attendance improves, we think it will! 

    What students need to do: 

    ·       Collect the Be Bruin tickets and turn them in to the Be Bruin bucket. 

    What your building could win: 

    ·       Free drinks courtesy of the Den. (or Starbucks if you prefer) 

    ·       Bragging rights for our first building to building competition.