• August 2019

    Hi students. For 2019-2020, Mrs Royce and Mrs Sage will be teaching APES. Since it's August and teachers are on break, you might not see anything on their websites yet, but keep checking. 
    In the meantime, I'd suggest this:
    1) Read and outline Chapters 1 and 2 from the Miller, Living in the Environment textbook. Save these chapters to your phone/tablet/computer.
    2) A good habit to start is keeping up on environmental issues in the news. 
    Some resources:
    For example THIS RECENT ARTICLE covers many topics in Chapter 1 (and the course as a whole) showing connections between food insecurity, climate, economics, energy and human population. Are you the kind of student who wants to excel and score high on the AP Exam? (Of course you are; you're reading about summer homework!) Make a graphic organizer of topics in this article showing connections.