8th Grade Computer Aided Design

  • Computer Aided Design is the 8th grade semester STEM course.

    Students will have the opportunity to earn 0.5 High School credit and to earn the Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified User Certification

    We will be using Autodesk Fusion 360 to learn 3D design


    Planned/Possible Projects:

    1. Personalized Name Plates (CAD basics + 3D printing)
    2. Fidget Spinners (CAD basics + 3D printing + Animation)
    3. Modeling a Paperclip (CAD basics +Measurement with Calipers)
    4. Puzzle Cubes (CAD basics + 3D printing + Isometric Drawings)
    5. Hinged Animal Keychains (CAD basics + Print-in-Place Joints + 3D printing)
    6. LED Figurine Lamps (CAD modeling + 3D printing + basic circuits)
    7. CO2 Cars (CAM + CNC Machining-)

8th Grade CAD Resources (links)

Student Projects