• Working from Home


    All of the assignments for all three of my course levels (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) can be found on google classroom (just like at school). 


    When logging in to google classroom from home, students will use their school email, which is their student number @apps.everettsd.org (NOT @gmail). Their password is the same as it is on the computers at school.


     Our current tools for working at home:

    • 6th grade: ALL assignments can be done at home from any device with internet. Scratch (coding platform) and Google's CS First tutorials are both FREE and available online. If you have a computer, tablet, ipad, etc, you can do your work just like you would at school. Please contact me with questions or if you need help. Links to actual assignments are on google classroom.
    • CS First


    • 7th grade: We don't have our robot friends with us at home, so we are going to get help from some virtual robots! Meet the robots of RoboMind Academy and CoderZ! Instructions on how to make a student account and link it to my teacher account are on our google classroom page- get ready to solve some fun robotics puzzles!
    • RoboMind
    • 8th grade:Autodesk Fusion 360, our design software, is a free download.  If you have the ability, please download the software and you will be able to keep doing the same assignments of the class. If not,  you can still explore design using a less complex design app, TinkerCAD, which should run on tablets. (note- this will help you keep your skills up, but is not as good as using  Fusion). Both programs use the same log in- the one that you created in class when you signed up for Fusion. 
    • TinkerCAD
    • NERDS Robotics Teams: We are working on setting up a virtual club space on google classroom with lots of things to keep our teams active and connected. This is open to everyone, not just current/past team members. Head over to Google Classroom and use the class code yzrhgde to join. From there you can code our virtual robot, virtual drone, work on learning to program in python, or get access to other online club activities that will help us stay connected and keep our minds active during this time at home.