• At Home Learning Schedule Sample

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    As you embark on this journey of learning with your child over the next few weeks we thought it might be helpful to have a sample schedule of what a day of learning at home might look like. Our hope is that your child has one and a half to two hours a day of structured learning. Here is a sample that may be revised to fit your family’s schedule while still maintaining your child’s academic skills. Please feel free to use other resources you come across to determine your daily schedule.


    Morning Routine

    15 minutes of iReady reading

    1 page of Morning work (packet sent home)


    15 minutes of iReady math

    1 page of Number of the Day (packet sent home)


    Handwriting practice (handwriting book sent home)

    Writing (see “Tip Sheet” sent home previously)

    Lunch Break

    Afternoon Routine

    15-20 minutes of reading (read to self, read to someone or listen to reading). If a book has an AR test take an AR test on the book.

    If you would like to extend the learning other activities may include:

    • Mystery Science activities (see link on teacher’s website)
    • Destiny games (see link on teacher’s website)
    • Outdoor play/nature walks
    • Virtual Fieldtrip (see the link on the teacher website)
    • Pebble Go (site is located in student tools on district website)
    • Cooking
    • Board games, puzzles, Legos…