Dramatic Reading

    Pick a book of your choice. Read 1-2 pages out loud as dramatic as possible. Slow down when reading your speech sounds and repeat the word if it doesn’t sound right. 


    Music Maker

    Write a song about your favorite kind of candy with the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Make sure the syllables from the songs match. For example, the word “gumdrop” has 2 syllables just like the word “twinkle”. 


    Two Truths And A Lie

    Play Two Truths And A Lie about your day yesterday. Make sure to use past tense verbs when describing your day. You might want to start with “Yesterday I ...”. 


    Write A Letter

    Write a letter to a friend or family member. Tell the about a recent movie you've seen or game you've played. Describe the movie or game with at least 3 details. Make sure to use complete sentences.


    Follow A Recipe

    Pick something to make. Some ideas are cookies, marshmallow treats, or even slime. Collect everything you need before beginning. Read through the directions. Stop at any words you don’t know and find out the meaning. Reread and then follow the directions in order to create something fun!