• September 28, 2020

    I have posted below some links to videos providing online activities for various language learning challenges. Links include categories, antonyms, synonyms, verbs, adjectives, nouns, WH questions, and more.

    Please feel free to use any of the videos that appeal to your student.

    Tips & Tricks for helping your children with their language comprehension and use

    This is teaching and learning – not testing! I encourage you to sit side-by-side with your student as you work with them to acquire and master language skills. Give accurate feedback, be encouraging (e.g. If a child says, “I seen it”, parents can respond with “Oh – you saw it!” When teaching language skills, emphasis on modeling the correct form of a word or correct use in a sentence is often successful. Provide supportive comments: “good try”, “that one is tricky”, “I can see you are working hard”. Teaching your child can be very rewarding, but no one expects that you will do everything the therapists at school do. It is okay to take a break if you or your child gets frustrated with the process, it is hard to change the way we speak and put words together to communicate. I recommend one of the following two options for helping your student work on their language skills:

    Fifteen-minute sessions once each week.

    Ten-minute sessions 2 times each week.

    Consistency as to time of day is helpful, as is arranging your student’s schedule so that language work comes earlier in the day.

    For both options, if frustration interferes - take a break or shorten the time. None of us make progress or learn well when we are frustrated and/or upset. It is okay to take a break. 😊

    *Please request a phone conference with me if you are having difficulties.*