• October 2021

    I have posted below some links to videos showing how to teach sound production (Peachie Speechie) that are very accessible and brief. Please feel free to use any of the videos that appeal to your student.

    Tips & Tricks for helping your children with their speech

    This is teaching and learning – not testing! I encourage you to sit side-by-side with your student as you work with them to acquire and master their speech sounds. Give accurate feedback,  (e.g. “I did not hear your (name the sound), try one more time”. OR - “good try”, “that one is tricky”, “I can see you are working hard”.) Teaching your child can be very rewarding, but no one expects that you will do everything the therapists at school do. It is okay to take a break if you or your child gets frustrated with the process, it is hard to change the way we talk. I recommend one of the following two options for helping your student work on their speech, particulalry while we are in remote leaning only this fall.:

    Five-minute sessions daily – this is the most effective and least frustrating.

    Fifteen-minute sessions 1 time/week.

    For both options, if frustration interferes - take a break. None of us make progress or learn well when we are frustrated and/or upset. Consistency as to time of day is helpful, as is arranging your student’s schedule so that speech work comes earlier in the day.

    It is okay to take a break from speech practice!

    The links below take you to videos that can help students remember how to say speech sounds.  These videos open in YouTube, which is not available on school district devices for elementary age students.  They can be accessed at the websites listed below.


    K - https://youtu.be/eEfWDUjX-1I

    G - https://youtu.be/IHtCHUlTsTA

    F - https://youtu.be/0VFJLEymCC8

    V- https://youtu.be/yYTCxpA-GWQ

    S-blends - https://youtu.be/sExFSr02_8M

    S - https://youtu.be/_K_-9P3aKsE

    Z - https://youtu.be/1tfDIQCYOkc

    L - https://youtu.be/MmdNEn5P5-0

    R - https://youtu.be/5F-qKn_x59I

    For my students working on the “R” sound, I have posted worksheets. While only words are listed here, if your student can create short (or long!) sentences using these words – have at it! (You may need to provide them with a sentence yourself that uses the target word). The "R" video is a great tool for helping students remember how to make an "R"!

    Sound charts included: R, AR, ER, OR, AIR, EAR, R-blends

    It is best to begin where your student feels successful. The sound charts are generally titled "1, 2, or 3" for each sound. The numbers roughly correspond to a student's language/vocabualry comprehension level. The "A, B"  charts I typically use for preschool or DK.