• How do I know if my Child has an Overdue Book or a Fine? 

    You can view overdue books by going to Destiny Discover. In addition, you will get an automated email regarding a book your child has not returned. 

    Directions to View Fines in Destiny

    1. Click the login button in the top right corner
    2. Login with their student id number and password
    3. On the top bar, click on 'my stuff'
    4. You can choose to see books checked out and when they are due as well as fines.

    How do I Return Overdue Books?

    You may return an overdue book by sending it with your student to school. Students may drop off overdue books even if it is not their library day. They will be able to check out a new book the following week on their library day. 

    What Happens if my Child Loses a Library Book?

    There are a few options if your child has lost a library book. Please email me to let me know which option you would like to proceed with  so that I can clear your child's account quickly and get them back to checking out ASAP!

    1. Replace the book with a new or used copy of the same book (purchase from used book store, Amazon). If your child has a paperback book, replace it with a paperback. If your child has a hardback book, replace it with a hardback book. I recommend this option since it is usually easier for everybody! 
    2. Pay the fine to our office manager or click here to pay online with the school district
    3. Request a waiver- send an email or letter to our schools office manager or fill out the form with the link below to submit to the school office. Click here for request for fine waiver form pdf.

    If the lost book is found after you have already replaced or paid the fine, you may request a refund.   

    Your child will only be allowed to check out one book if they have a lost book. They will only be allowed to checkout a book to read in the classroom and not be able to take home books until lost books are returned or their fine is paid.