Welcome to Ms. Brown's class

  • Sept 8-11, 2020logo

     Welcome to 5th grade!
    This year is certainly going to be an adventure. Luckily we will take this adventure together. It is my goal to form a great team with all 5th-grade teachers, my students, and you, the families. 
    This year we are using the Canvas as our point of contact for all things school-related.  Follow this link to get log into Canvas.
    Here is a quick look at how to access Canvas for you and your students. Each day every student should open their Homeroom class to view the schedule, access Zoom links, and find out what work is assigned and what materials are needed for each meeting. Many assignments are created in google slides, so they will look familiar to your students. Whew!!!
    If you need any school materials that have not been provided, like a Chromebook, a remote wifi hotspot, textbook... please let me know right away so we can get you set up quickly.
    Here is an easy reference guide for HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR STUDENT during remote learning. 
    I know I already feel a little overwhelmed and unprepared for this adventure, but I am confident that we will find a schedule and set of expectations that work for everyone. 
    I am reminding myself daily to stay flexible, remain optimistic, give grace to EVERYONE as we learn this new way of doing school, and to have patience with myself and everyone involved. 
    You were sent an email with a parent survey and a link to sign-up-genius to schedule a remote conference during the first five days of school. If you did not receive this email, or if you can't access these links, please let me know.
    We are going to make this a great year. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE! 
    Kelly Brown
    385-5432 (classroom NOW FORWARDED TO MY CELL!)