• During this school year, it is very important that students learn as much as possible. 
    We will be using San Francisco Unified School District online math curriculum this year. It is presented in Google Slides and we will work together in small groups to learn the math. 
    All students should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals FLUENTLY. This means they should be able to teach someone else how to do this math. I will post activities and worksheets that will help your child master these skills during the closure.
    Everyone should memorize multiplication facts from 0-12. You will find links to flashcards and online practice sites. This is something that does not require a computer to learn. Old school flashcards are a wonderful way to memorize these facts.
    Students should work on learning what fractions are and review their 4th grade learning about equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting them. 
    Talking about the math you do each day with your student will help a lot to make math real for them.
    The best thing you can do is read, read, and read some more. After reading, talk about what you read.
    We will follow the expectations for reaching 5th grade standards by using the REACH textbook and other assignments. Much of the reading students will do this year will be connected to science and social studies or be a part of a project/challenge.
    We will work to find a way for students to talk about what they're reading with other students and teachers. 
    I am working to figure out how to create a virtual book club. You can start one with your child and perhaps friends/family. My goal is to help fifth graders find joy in reading and talking about what they read. I will not expect book reports, answered questions about the book or any grading of their work. Read to escape and enjoy a different world.
    We will have lessons in writing and students will write journals and write to people in the real world. They will write essays, poems, and instructions. It is my goal to have students write on paper and digitally.
    Some ideas to help your child write more:
    Keeping a journal of what is happening during this 'new experience' we are all going through will be something they will keep and read forever. I plan to keep a journal of my thoughts and experiences as our community/nation/world gets through this challenging time. I will find a way to post my writing so students can read it if they want to.
    Write creatively. Students will find links to a book creator website in our Google Classroom. I am working on creating a Poetry Slam or Poetry week where our class can share their original poetry. 
    We cannot send home our science kit materials, but 5th graders will receive a bag with materials to be used during science projects and investigations that we will assign. Some of these items look like toys, please expect your student to use them as learning materials. I will also ask your student to start collecting things from around the house that can be used to build and create projects.
    Encourage your child to investigate any topic they are interested in learning about. Watch videos, read books, create their own video, create a diagram or diarama.
    Our current Reading unit deals with justice and civil rights if that helps give any direction.
    The possibilities are endless. Explore--Create--Learn--Enjoy!!
    My goal is for students to do things that will keep their brain active and learning. I encourage them to follow their interests and create something.
    Thank you for staying involved in your child's education! It is a very important part of your child's success in life.
    I will miss seeing students during this time. I will also do everything I can to stay connected to everyone. As time goes on, we will figure out ways that work best for everyone. 
    Please reach out to let me know what you need or how I can help make this challenging time easier and more productive for your family.