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    AR is currently available to students at home.  Even if your teacher does not give you a monthly goal, you can still take tests and the program will track your progress.





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    What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

    Many years ago a mother in the Midwest wanted to find a program that would help motivate and challenge her two children to read more on their own. It wasn't that they were not good readers. They were reluctant to pick up a library book and read. She put her literary skills together with some computer help from her husband, and created a program where the children read books they liked and then tested their comprehension on a computer. Accelerated Reader (AR) was born!

    The AR program reaches across the country to students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. It is a computerized testing system which helps students increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of reading level and the percentage of questions answered correctly.