Welcome to Mrs. Jilk's Class

  • Cris Jilk
    I hope you are staying healthy and happy at home. Everyone’s daily routines are in development. Please encourage your student to join our classroom community's new format of learning and staying connected. In our Google Classroom, your student will be able to access weekly materials. This will enable your student to continue to grow in a safe and healthy environment, in order to thrive while they are unable to attend a physical campus. I am here to support your student’ s learning at home. Please feel free to email me with questions during school hours, and I will do my best to answer or find out who can help you. 
    You can reach me at cjilk@everettsd.org 
    Please remember to REGISTER FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL so your student gets the best selection of classes offered.
    Gateway Registration due Tuesday, March 31
    Heatherwood Registration due Friday, April 3
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