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    Hello 3rd Grade Families-


    First of all, take good care of yourselves and each other.


    I have added resources to the website that your student is familiar with.  Feel free to access any of the resources to help guide your student's learning during this time.  Please email me with any questions that arise.


    I miss all of you and am looking forward to hearing from you!


    Week of March 23-27

    Hello 3rd grade families,

    I hope everyone is staying safe, well, and have been able to enjoy some time in the beautiful weather we have been having this past week! The following is an example of things you can work on to help structure your learning this week:

    1) Type a paragraph(s) about: What are you doing each day? , Have you had to use your math skills when baking or making something to eat?, Have you used any fractions? What have you done outside?  Do you have a "Go Noodle" recommendation that you just loved doing?  I also would like a paragraph telling me anything you want about yourself, family, pets, or friends.  Remember: Open office 365 under managed bookmarks, Sign in, open a word document, it saves automatically, share with me in the upper right.  Play around with the size and make the font different and insert a picture if you can figure out how! 

     2) Work on iready for 20 minutes each day. (Alternate between reading and math)

     3) Read a book(s) and take an AR test(s).

     4) Read at least 2 stories on Raz-kids this week and take the comprehension quizzes.

     5) Complete 2-3 math pages in your math packet this week.

     6) Read a Scholastic News or Science Spin magazine and complete the back page.  If you want type up a summary about what your read in a word document and share it with me. 

     7) Read a book and complete one book summary or work on some pages from your March Extra Practice packet.

     8) Make sure to check out the  links I added under web resources on this page to help you continue learning at home. Don't forget typing master is available. 

     9) Take time to get some fresh air outside and spend time doing activities with your family. Have you tried the math array game?  Type up a paragraph in office 365 and tell me what you thought about it. Remember to share it with me. 

    10) Read two non-fiction topics on pebble go. Summarize one in a paragraph in office 365. Share with me. 

    11) Complete 4-5 pages in the packet of your choice. 

    I'm looking forward to having you all back in class! I miss everyone and if you would like to email me with questions or just to say hi, please don't hesititate. My email address is  Rmilles@everettsd.org. Stay well, Ms. Milles 



    Rebecca Milles