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    Dear Tambark Creek Families,

    Welcome to an exciting and different school year!  We are all working to set up the best program for our students at Tambark Creek Elementary.  Mango and I were so happy to see most of you at our pick-up day just before our first day of school.  If you were not able to get your supplies and Chromebook on this day, please contact your student’s teacher and we will set up a time for you to get what you need.

    There are so many wonderful resources that you have access to support your student’s journey.  Make sure and check out our new “Parent University”!  It is an on-demand resource created to help parents and guardians become full partners in their child’s education. Its goal is to increase collaboration and involvement between schools, families, and the community. You have access to this on-demand content to view at your leisure. Click to learn more!

    Please know that I am here to help anyway that I can.  We all know that this is a difficult time for many of us.  We are all in this together, reach out with any questions or needs you might have!

    Remember to be kind to yourself and others,

    Ms. Hehn & Mango

    Julia Hehn, Tambark Creek School Counselor, & Mango – who misses you all very much! 

    Mango is my trained service dog, who has worked in the Everett Public Schools for over 3 years.

    jhehn@everettsd.org              (425)-302-9010


    Ms. Hehn & Mango