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    Dear Tambark Creek Parents,

       As the school year ends we are still in the midst of a pandemic and all that it entails.  The stress of where we are and the uncertainty of where we are going is constant. We are all living this daily and so are our children. 

       As a mother myself with children at home, I am concerned about how this is affecting my children and what I can do to support them through this difficult time.  This is uncharted territory with many questions and worries.  One thing I do know is that we need to be there for those close to us.  We need to be honest and open with them and support them, so together we can maneuver through all we are dealing with. 

       One simple thing that we can focus on is touch.  Touch is very important and something that we can subconsciously withdraw from during a crisis.  Share hugs, give pats on the back, rest your hand on a shoulder or take another’s hand as you talk.  These are small and very important gestures that will help those around you feel your support and caring. 

       We can easily be overloaded with information through media outlets and “what to do next” seems to be constantly changing.  Let’s focus now on what can be done to support our children.  Below you will find some good articles about talking with your children about the virus along with ways to support your family.  Again, taking the time to talk with your children is most important, they have questions but not the skills to share with you what they are afraid of or needing to know.  With your open communication our children could easily misconstrue what is truly happening, such as if they are safe or not, and this can lead to poor behavior, stress, and depression. 

    This article from KidsHealth shares with parents how to talk with your child about the Coronavirus.


    This article from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry gives their suggestions for talking with children about COVID19.


    This article from the Child Mind Institute shares ways to support children during the Coronavirus crisis.


       I hope you are able to find joy in the simple things that you are doing and give yourself and those around you grace.  Grace is a simple gift and one that will often bring a smile to the face of those that receive it.

    Remember to be kind to yourself and other,

    Julia Hehn, Tambark Creek School Counselor, & Mango – who misses you all very much!  Mango is my trained service dog, who has worked in the Everett Public Schools for over 3 years.

    jhehn@everettsd.org              (425)-302-9010


    Ms. Hehn & Mango