• Everett Public Schools fosters a culture that promotes the health, safety, and well-being of our students. To support this commitment, the district has partnered with Washington's Mental Health Referral Service for Children & Teens.  

    What can families expect?

    1. Call 833-303-5437 or submit an online form to schedule a call with a referral specialist.
    2. A referral specialist will call you to discuss in detail (15–20 minutes) the mental health services your child/teen needs.
    3. The referral specialist will research mental health providers in your area to find 1 to 2 providers that meet your family’s needs.
    4. A referral specialist will call and email to provide information on accessing the identified providers.
    5. Two to four weeks after receiving your resource email and call, the referral specialist will reach out to see if the referrals resulted in an appointment and if the provider was a good fit. They will address any barriers experienced and find another provider if needed.

    The service works closely with primary care providers throughout Washington state and faxes the referral matches to your primary care provider for care coordination. For families with Apple Health insurance, referral matches are sent to Apple Health case managers to provide additional care support.

    Learn about mental health resources, support and education videos for you and your family.


    Washington state funds the Mental Health Referral Service, which is operated by Seattle Children's.   The service is for children and teens from across our state. Your child does not need to be a Seattle Children’s patient.