Medications at School

  • Kid using an inhaler Medication should be given at school only when absolutely necessary. Medication is defined as any medication prescribed or non-prescribed; including over-the-counter items, vitamins, homeopathic, creams and/or oils. Whenever possible the parent/guardian and Licensed Health Care Provider (LHCP) are urged to design a schedule for giving medication outside of school hours. Oral medications will be given to your child by trained unlicensed staff members. All medication will be locked in the health room unless ordered otherwise by the License Health Care Provider.
    All students with life threatening conditions must have LHCP orders and medications in place at the school before the student will be allowed to attend classes.
    With the exception of sunscreen, before any medication can be administered to your student we must have the following in place:
    Medication Bottles
    • Written orders from the students LHCP.
    • Written permission from the parent/guardian to administer medication to their child at school.
    • Medication must be in the original labeled container with the student name, medication name, current date, dosage, and time to be given. This must match the Licensed Health Care Provider Order. *The prescription date on the container must be current (within the current school year). This includes any over-the-counter medication and office samples.
    • Medication orders are valid from September until the last day of the school year.
    • Medication orders must be renewed at the beginning of every school year.
    **The school accepts no responsibility for adverse reactions when the medication is dispensed in accordance with the LHCP order.

    Medication Authorization/Order Form for all medications at school
    Diabetic Order Form for injectable Insulin.

    Diabetic Insulin Pump Orders for insulin pumps.

    Epipen/Antihistamine Form for student's with Life Threatening Allergies.

    Treatment Order Form for treatments in health room and independent treatments (and independent eye/ear drops, and topicals).

    **WAC 392-380-020, Definition: "Life-threatening condition" shall mean a health condition that will put the child in danger of death during the school day if a medication or treatment order and a nursing plan are not in place.