Medications at School

  • My child needs medication(s) at school, what do I need to do? 
    Under normal circumstances medication should be dispensed before and /or after school hours under the supervision of the parent or guardian. Medication is defined as any medication prescribed or non-prescribed; including over-the-counter items, vitamins, homeopathic, creams and/or oils. Medication should be given at school only when absolutely necessary. Whenever possible the parent/guardian and Licensed Health Care Provider (LHCP) are urged to design a schedule for giving medication outside of school hours. If a student has a valid health reason which makes medication administration during the hours when school is in session or the hours in which a student is under the supervision of school officials, the parent/guardian must follow Policy 3416 & 3416P and:

    • Submit a completed Medication Authorization Order Form, signed by the LHP, parent/guardian, and student (if applicable) to the school health room prior to any medication being administered.
    • Supply the ordered medication in it's original and properly labeled container.

    To access forms needed for medication administration at school follow the link to Medication Forms.


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