Special Dietary Needs

  • Federal law and USDA regulation require nutrition programs to make reasonable modifications to accommodate children with disabilities, which can include allergies and digestive conditions, but does not include personal diet preferences.


    Requesting Special Meal Accommodations

    You need to request special meal accommodations if:

    • Your child plans to eat school meals


    • Your child has a medically perscribed dietary need that would require us to modify our menu*

    *Menu note: we do not need accommodation requests for soy milk (we offer this at every school), fish/seafood allergies, treenut or peanut allergies because they do not require menu modification. Vegetarian meals are offered every day. Please include all allergies on your child's annual health history form

    To request special meal accommodations, complete the "Request for Special Dietary Accommodations" form below. This form must be signed by a state-recognized medical provider. Please return the completed form to the Food & Nutrition Department or your school nurse. 

    Food & Nutrition Department

    • Fax: 425-385-4249
    • Email: foodservices@everettsd.org

    Please contact us with questions about special meal accommodations at 425-385-4380


     Allergen Information

    • Our menu posted on the website can be filtered to identify allergens. In addition, allergens can be viewed along with nutritional information for each food item by selecting the specific item. Only the top 8 allergens are flagged, these allergens are: soy, wheat, milk, peanut, treenut, egg, fish and shellfish. While there are many more ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, the top 8 are the only ones required on nutrition labels, therefore, these are the ones the menu planner can track.
    • Allergen information is taken directly from manufacturer’s labels and databases and is subject to change without notice. Everett Public School District does not guarantee the information and provides it solely for your convenience. The Food and Nutrition Department does everything we can to accommodate special dietary needs, however, the safest meals are those brought from home. For additional information, please contact the Food and Nutrition Department at 425-385-4380.


    Special Dietary Accommodation Form