Student Wellness Assessment

  • As part of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, the Student Wellness Policy must be assessed each year.  The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate each school's compliance with the policy.  A survey was sent out during the month of June 2017, below is a summary of the results.  For more details please contact the Food & Nutrition Office

    Overall Summary

    All 26 schools in Everett Public School District responded to this survey.  

    Do you use the snack calculator to verify that food and beverage items served during the school day meet the nutritional guidelines? (For example: fundraisers, student stores, student events, etc.)

    • 45% Yes
    • 54% No

    Summary of where backup documentation of snack calculator results are kept:

    • Of schools that replied
      • 5 schools are not keeping documentation
      • 4 store the documentation electronically
      • 2 keep the documentation in the office/kitchen
      • 1 passes it on to staff/PTA member involved in the event

    Summary of method of verification if snack calculator not used:

    • Of schools that replied:
      • 10 order food from the food and nutrition department
      • 2 schools verify products using product navigator on the Student Wellness Resources page
      • 4 schools replied that they do not serve snacks

    Verification of school/PTSA sponsored events in compliance with Student Wellness Policy

    • 48% Ordering food through Food & Nutrition Services
    • 37% We didn’t verify this year but will make sure to do so next year
    • 26% Using the snack calculator
    • 11% Using Food & Nutrition Services to prepare and serve the food
    • 14% Other (please specify)
      • Responses included supervising PTA so procedures were followed, using Product Navigator, or no PTSA events like this were sponsored.

    Popcorn in compliance with nutrition guidelines

    • 59% Yes
    • 7% No
    • 33% N/A

    Using alternative rewards other than food

    • Of responses
      • 23 respondents using alternative rewards (responses include prizes, free time, certificates, early recess, praise)
      • 3 N/A
      • 1 Does not discourage food as a reward

    Vending Machine Concerns

    • No vending machines in buildings

    Nutrition Education Opportunities being offered

    • 68% Signs in the cafeteria
    • 48% Menus given to students
    • 40% Incorporated in classroom learning
    • 32% School garden education
    • 20% Information in newsletters
    • 16% Health Fairs
    • 4% Other

    Opportunities available for students to be physically active in addition to PE

    • 89% Recess
    • 67% Stretch breaks during the day
    • 60% Afterschool activities
    • 37% Running Club
    • 33% Before school activities
    • 22% Other (athletics or clubs)
    • 4% Walking school bus

    Additional Resources that would be helpful

    Questions received about guidelines for popcorn, and birthday treats.