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    What happens if my child forgets his meal money?
    It can happen to the best of us with the best intentions. Everett Public Schools Food and Nutrition Department wants to make sure no student goes hungry. We have in place an Extending Credit for School Meals procedure.

    Extending credit for school meals to elementary students:
    • Elementary students who come to the cafeteria without money for a meal will be offered three breakfasts and three lunches on credit. In the meantime, food service staff will attempt to contact the student's family to notify them about the need for payment.
    • If after three days of such credit for school meals, no payment or arrangement for payment has been made, elementary students will be offered a courtesy meal.

    Extending credit for school meals to middle and high school students:

    • Middle school and high school students who come to the cafeteria without money for a meal will be offered a courtesy meal.
    • It is not routine to extend credit to middle school and high school students.

    Extending credit for adults:

    • No credit is extended to adults.

    Food & Nutrition Services uses the district's automated communication system to make reminder calls and emails to parents who owe money for school meals. The kitchen staff also have green payment envelopes they send home with students that owe money.
    You can set up free low balance notifications by creating an account at www.mypaymentsplus.com to help as a reminder when your student's account is getting low.

    What is a courtesy meal and how much do they cost?

    A courtesy meal is provided as a short-term solution to students without money for a meal. A courtesy meal consists of a cheese sandwich, fruit, veggie and milk.