Student Wellness Policy Approved Snack List

  • Although our district Wellness Policy discourages the use of food as an award, we know that there are many other situations in which food will be incorporated into the classroom. One of our goals as a department is to support schools in meeting complete compliance with the Wellness Policy. For a variety of snacks that can be ordered from the Food and Nutrition Department that meet the Student Wellness Policy guidelines, click here to be taken to the School Snack Order Form.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please fill out the School Snack Order form.  Please place your order at least one week in advance and have your budget code or PO# at the time you place your order as it will not be accepted without one.

    We do not offer everything that is within the policy guidelines and we realize that many of you run on a tight budget. Because of that we have provided an additional list of Wellness Policy approved treats that you can choose to purchase on your own and your kitchen manager will still happily store them for you. Please keep in mind that our Elementary schools only store peanut-free treats and snacks.

    If you have any questions about accommodating a food allergy or need assistance assessing if an item is Wellness Policy Compliant, please feel free to reach out to our department at ext. 4380.

    Additional Wellness Policy Approved Treats:

    • 100% Fruit Juice Otter Pops (sometimes at Costco and usually at most grocery stores)
    • Outshine Fruit Bars (all flavors EXCEPT those labeled “no-sugar added” since those have artificial sweeteners which are not compliant)
    • Popsicle brand “Fruit Pops” “Made with Real Fruit”, first two ingredients are water and fruit
    • Chloe’s Pops
    • Organics Frozen Fruit Bars

    If you are looking to do an event where dinner type meals would be served, please use the School Event Meal Order Form