• Harvest of the Month Promotion
    The Food and Nutritrion Department is spotlighting one vegetable each month during it's Veggie-of-the-Month promotion. The goal is to turn the cafeteria into a place of learning where the students are engaged and excited about nutrition. In order to promote the monthly vegetable a variety of  resources will be provided.
    For each veggie of the month you can expect to see:

    ·        An announcement in the elementary school menu presenting the monthly vegetable

    ·        The monthly vegetable served in the cafeteria

    ·        A cafeteria display of the vegetable with supporting nutrition facts

    ·        A two-page newsletter about the veggie with fun facts, a recommended readinglist, a kid-friendly recipe, and activities for kids and families to enjoy(links below)


    This promotion will provide students with a variety of exposures to the featured vegetable throughout the whole month. The hope is that overall vegetable consumption will rise by increasing the student's knowledge of, excitement for,and interest in vegetables.  Contact us is you would like to help promote the special veggie this month or share how you have used this information.


    List of the 2017-2018 Harvest-of-the-Month:

    September-Tomato, Tomato Flyer

    October-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Flyer

    November-Squash, Squash Flyer

    December-Potato, Potato Flyer

    January-Beans, Bean Flyer

    February-Carrots, Carrot Flyer

    March-Broccoli, Broccoli Flyer

    April-Peppers, Bell Pepper Flyer

    May-Leafy Greens, Leafy Green Flyer

    June-Corn, Corn Flyer
    Tomato Display