Harvest of the Month Promotion

  • The Food and Nutrition Department puts the spotlight on one vegetable and fruit each month as a part of our Harvest of the Month promotion. The goal is to turn the cafeteria into a place of learning where the students are engaged and excited about nutrition. In order to promote the monthly vegetable and fruit, a variety of resources will be provided.

    Each month you can expect to see:

    • An announcement in the elementary school menu highlighting the featured vegetable and fruit
    • The featured vegetable and fruit served in the cafeteria
    • A flyer posted in the cafeteria promoting the nutritional benefits of the vegetable and fruit
    • A two-page newsletter about the veggie with fun facts, a recommended reading list, a kid-friendly recipe, and activities for kids and families to enjoy (linked below)

    This promotion supports our elementary students' learning and works to promote excitement and interest around vegetables. Contact us if you would like to help promote the featured vegetable or fruit this month, need support incorporating the Harvest of the Month into learning or to share how you have used this information.

Harvest of the Month Flyers